“WildCat” is bunch of friends who loves to enjoy great music.
Radio facts:
– The same song will be played at the maximum of 3 times in a 24 hour day.
– We don’t want to play only hits and the same songs for a million times. We play just good music, music what we love.
– We want offer many kind of music to listeners. That’s why we have many channel options. The Right Music For The Right Mood.
– We like to hear listeners opinions.

70's & 80's Metal

Those was a years when metal music born and many unforgettable songs created. Go back in that time and listen this channel.


This channel play Alternative Metal & Rock + little spice Nu-metal, Post-Grunge, Emo.. Rock on!

Black Death

I feel like screaming!! This channel is for you who love Black, Death, Trash or Folk metal. Play it loud or neighborhood won’t hear it!


Do you wanna dance and sang La, la, laa… then this is your channel. Included all dance music genres. Listen and enjoy!

Goolden Oldies

Channel play best 50’s & 60’s music.


Channel mostly play’s Symphonic, Gothic and female metal.

Hard Rock

Best Hard Rock, Glam & Hair metal in a world.


Best Indie Pop & Rock music + Dreampop


Station just for you who love Metal music. We do not play only big hits and bands. Like many station just do. No matter what year song is released, if it’s Metal it’s on the air. We play awesome music what we love, hopefully you love it too. Let’s ROCK!


Wanna put your feet on up and take relax. Then relaxing Pop music is your choice. Forget your stress and worries for a while and listen relaxing Pop music. All Pop genres are included and little taste soul and sunny reggae music.


Channel play mostly Psychedelic & Trance music.


This channel play best new kind of Rock music. Rock, alternative-rock, experimental and etc..


Channel mostly play Rock, Rockabilly, Rock & blues, Rock ‘n’ Roll. We call it our “Old fashioned” rock channel. If you love a guitar and mood this is your Rock channel.


February 12, 2018
We opened new Thrash-metal channel.

October 23,2017
Unfortunately Hard Rock Night’s show take a break. Maybe coming back to schedule on October.

March 11,2017
Good news to mobile users it seems soon we get our Android app done.

March 6,2017
We open new Wildcat group on Facebook. Join

February 26,2017
Lately our time is going with Pop,Rock and Dance channel. We little bit reform those channels. Now all of those channels sound little bit different and all working with new stream.

January 11,2017
Little bit a future plans. We gonna split our Rock channel to 2 channels. Another channel we play Rock, Rock’n’roll, blues-rock, rockabilly.. Other channel play other kind of Rock, maybe could say “new rock”. After this change we gonna release new Indie-music channel. So these things coming in near future.

January 1,2017
Happy New Year!

December 27,2016
Something good & something bad news.. Mexican & Argentinian listeners can again listen our channels after one month silence. Bad news, problems with Gothique channels continue still. Our server provider updates are not going well and they have big issues get things working. So problems with this channel maybe continue. Need to hope these things are soon solved.

Last Added Bands/Artist

March 21, 2018
Calum Scott
Jason Wells
Legion Ghost
Liam Espinosa
The Amorettes
The Dead Daisies
Zombie Riot

March 17, 2018
Black Foxxes
Cats On trees
Fickle Friends
I Am Giant

March 16, 2018
Liza Anne
Moose Blood
Myles Kennedy
Prevail In Darkness
Savage Hands

March 14, 2018
Black River Delta
Colour & Shade
Dana Buoy
Haunted By Silhouettes
Jeremy Messersmith

Take Contact

-We gladly listen songs of yours. No matter if band is "unknown".

-Add link where we can listen and download songs of yours.

-If we gonna play your band, we send mail of you(Be patience, sometimes it takes time. Thank you).

-We don't play by now only instrumental songs(exception Trance & Psytrance)

We accept record companies promos too. Take contact!